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Tag Hoodie2014-04-23
The new Tag Hoodie is now available!

Matt Desson2014-04-17
Spring is finally here for most of Canada, and Matt Desson hasn't been wasting any time getting to work on some projects for 1664, and S&M. Desson smith grind, shot by Brad Hill.

Darcy Peters2014-04-15
Darcy has been taking advantage of the newly revamped Three Hills skatepark as much as possible. Here's DP getting his truck driver on, photo by Mike Orita.

Coming Soon! 2014-04-03
New 1664 Tag Tee & Hoodie! The tee is a nice soft slim fit and the hoodie features a custom red inset hood. Also available is a soft onesie for the ripper in training! (Onesie is for Pre-Order only at 1664 BMX Distribution)

Rail Bomber2014-04-02
Here's a shot of Jordan Dwan getting busy, taking advantage of that spring weather! Shout out to Orbs for sending through the pic!

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