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Matt Desson2014-04-17
Spring is finally here for most of Canada, and Matt Desson hasn't been wasting any time getting to work on some projects for 1664, and S&M. Desson smith grind, shot by Brad Hill.

Darcy Peters2014-04-15
Darcy has been taking advantage of the newly revamped Three Hills skatepark as much as possible. Here's DP getting his truck driver on, photo by Mike Orita.

Coming Soon! 2014-04-03
New 1664 Tag Tee & Hoodie! The tee is a nice soft slim fit and the hoodie features a custom red inset hood. Also available is a soft onesie for the ripper in training! (Onesie is for Pre-Order only at 1664 BMX Distribution)

Rail Bomber2014-04-02
Here's a shot of Jordan Dwan getting busy, taking advantage of that spring weather! Shout out to Orbs for sending through the pic!

Dave Scott of Open Liquor sent through this photo of Schubert puttin in some work, crank grind to barspin. Spring is on the way, so get out and ride, and keep a look out for more goods from Schubert and the crew!

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