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Andrew Schubert2013-07-02
Schubert has been working hard on a couple projects the past while. Putting in work behind the camera, and in front of the camera with fellow team riders, and working on some new projects of his own. Were stoked to see what Andrew comes through with, check back soon for more updates. Here's a recent pic of Andrew gettin down.

Dwan on Ohio2013-06-25
Jordan Dwan was recently in Ohio doing some filming with the FU crew, and was taking advantage of new spots. This rail to ledge set up is insane... Dwan aint scared!

Isaac Barnes: Bike Check2013-06-24
Find out what Isaac likes about his set up and stay tuned for more goods from him as he is working on a couple different edits for his sponsors that should be dropping sooner than later, and more through out the summer!

The Green Acres Pool Party2013-06-24
Here's a new edit featuring Matt Desson. The edits shows how this pool spot came to be, and the boys putting it to use! Filming and editing by Riley McMaster.

1664 At The Fox Warehouse 2013-06-19
This past weekend I headed to Calgary to ride with Schubert, and DP, and to escape some rainy weather in Edmonton. We got some rain for part of the day Saturday, but lucky for us Darcy has the in at the Fox warehouse so we got the ramps all to our self's, and got to ride instead of waiting for the rain to pass. We all had fun riding the ramps, and all came out with some pics from the session. Andrew, and Darcy were there the night before as well riding in a demo/partyin cause Fox threw a big party for their staff, and team riders they sponsor. Which also worked in our favour cause they hooked us up with a ton of beers, redbull, and other drinks they had left over from the night before! The picture is just some of the beverages they hooked up... Thanks for the drinks, and private session Fox. Here's some pics from the day. - Isaac Barnes

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