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1664 Weekend In The Kootenays2013-04-04
This past Easter long weekend was a perfect chance to kick off spring with a little road trip. Schubert, Darcy, and myself (Isaac) headed to Invermere BC with our friends, Sam Jepson, and Aaron Cheng. It has been a long ass winter off my bike due to my wrist break/surgery so I was really stoked to get back at it, and chill with some friends I haven't seen in a while. We planned on just hitting up Invermere, but ended up hitting the Cranbrook park for a day too which turned out to be an awesome day. Everyone killed it, had fun, had some drinks, and some laughs making the weekend a success. Here's couple pictures from the weekend to check out, and keep an eye out for an edit from the trip soon! 

Andrew Schubert: Bike Check2013-03-22
Check out Andrew Schubert's Bike Check on the 1664 BMX Distribution Facebook Page and see what he had to say about his new Smoke Chrome 1664 Cranks!

Darcy's Toronto Jam Trip2013-03-14
Toronto Jam went down recently, and Darcy made it out for the festivities this year. Darcy ended up hurting him self before the contest, but powered through and ended up coming 10th in Pro. Check out what Darcy had to say about the Jam, and check some pics from him shreddin Joyride 150, and the contest. 

I spent a few days in Toronto for the Toronto BMX Jam that went down recently. I flue into a dump of snow and cold weather so no outside riding, first day I put together my bike and head to Joyride.  The usual routine at Joyride is gear up and hit the pump track for a heart pumping warm up, get your stretch on and then shred the vast amounts of obstacles the park has.  After a few hours boostin boxes in the box jump line and bone sawing my pegs in the street course I decided to hit the foam pit for some kung foolery and bent my ankle sideways... The night was finished up with a bag full of snow wrapped around my leg for a couple hours. I didn't want to waste the weekend so I bought an ankle brace to limit the movement of my foot, took some pain meds, and rode my ass off the next day.  Game day came around and my ankle was swollen real bad from riding, but I pushed through practise and my run, and made finals. After the jam was ending everyone headed to Joyride to watch Fox riders throw down and throw some swag out to everyone. Sunday was Finals, and everyone was eager to get practise in before their run, I decide to flip a hip but instead I did a flair to my face, luckily my helmet took most of the impact... My run came around and I threw down some no handers, super-whips, flips, flairs, double whips, and a 360 double whip.  After every thing was said and done I took home 10th place. Thanks 1664BMX, Encore Bikes, Vans Shoes, System Bikes, and BMX Gallery for all the support this year at the Toronto BMX Jam 2013. - Darcy Peters

Jordan Dwan2013-03-12
Brand new edit of Jordan Dwan. Filmed by Brad Hill Chris Cadot and Charlie Crumlish. Click Play!

Sunny Day Girl2013-03-06
Following Andrew's San Diego wrap up post he put together this awesome edit from the trip. Andrew, and Darcy both have good stuff in here along with Aaron Cheng, Sam Jepson, and Colton Ponto who also made the trip down south with the boys. Good riding, camera work, and vibe in this one so check it out! 

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