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Schubert & Darcy San Diego Wrap Up2013-03-05
3 weeks in San Diego went by faster then you can say enchiladas.  Its hard to recall everything that happened over our stay, so I will just express the highlights the best I can.  Ocean beach skatepark is where most every morning began, a 10min ride from the hotel it's safe to say it had a local vibe by the time we left.  Most OB sessions we ran into OAB(the one armed bandit).  We never had any encounters with said skater bandit, however I did see him launch his board into a bikers bike mid jump... Other then OAB all the locals were awesome and slashed the park as slayer would. Next to OB, we spent a fair bit of time at the YMCA park in Clairemont, which is well, AMAZING.  Many good sessions were had there, along with ramp burn and Darcy being blessed by an angel cheating death for an entire session...  Chula Vista was full of small plazas which we made a day of, then nearly ended up in Mexico without passports... On Saturday we met up with Gary Young for tacos and then rode Area 43, an amazing backyard ramp(thanks Dave!).  All in all we ate taco's nearly everyday, avoided the cop killer that was beside our hotel at one point, experienced SD and its sights with some new friends, hoped many of fence to ride bikes, enjoyed a Cali version of a Stampede..., crashed a birthday party(sarry), successfully shared a room of 4 people for a month without a problem and rode our bikes every single day all day for 22 days straight and couldn't have asked for anything more. I left my heart in San Diego... wait that's not right... Thanks again to everyone we met along the way, showed us a good time, or made fun of me for saying pardon. As Darcy would say #Living


DP On Route To Toronto Jam2013-03-01
Darcy just got back from his Cali trip with Schubert, and some other friends and is now on his way to the Toronto Jam this weekend. DP is gunna be hitting up Joyride 150 to get in some riding, will be riding in the jam, and will be hanging out taking in all the other festivities that come with the Toronto Jam weekend. If you see DP say hi, and introduce yourself, maybe you'll get a t-shirt or some stickers! Follow Darcy @dpbmx to see what he gets up to this weekend. 

1664 BMX Cranks - NEW COLOR2013-02-20
The 1664 BMX Cranks have a new color option - SMOKE CHROME! 

Union Press Vol. 32013-02-19
Union Press Vol. 3 was released early December and features a large 1664 Poster with Matt Desson (1664, S&M), a couple rad shot of Jordan Dwan (1664, FBM), and two page spread of Jordan Hango (FitBikeCo). And of course tons of other sick riders from all across Canada killin it! There still might be some copies of this issue in better bike shops across Canada, but if you missed out in your area your in luck, cause The Northern Embassy just released an Online Version for you to check out!

Schubert & DP Calgary to San Diego Update 22013-02-12
On Wednesday we left AZ and headed to our destination San Diego. Got in pretty late, got settled at the hotel and headed across the street to a restaurant called Phil's, which is much better then the Phil's in Canada.  We carried on walking to ocean beach to check it out and take a look at the beach, ended up meeting some locals which we kicked back with and had a bonfire on the beach.  Darcy and I woke up early the next day to go ride, while the two other street manglers required extra sleep. It's crazy how you just run into spots, here's a few pics from our first day in SD. - Andrew Schubert 

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