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DP being crazy on the trip to San Diego!

Schubert and Darcy Calgary to San Diego Update2013-02-05
Schubert and DP are on their way to San Diego for a month long winter get away. Check some pics, and words from Schubert on how the trips going so far.  

5am Friday Darcy, Sam and myself departed via middle aged women truck(honda ridge line).  2500km's and 2 days of driving we have finally reached Phoenix to spend a few days and pick up our main man Cheng.  Day 1 we saw nothing but anti meth ads and strange antics while driving through the the state of Montana which Sam quickly dubbed "hanna montana". Spent the night in the Chinese part of Salt Lake City where we had what Darcy and I thought was a haunted hotel...
Day 2 rolled around where we started the day by eating breakfast with a homeless man then driving for what seemed to be forever to the Grand Canyon.  All I can say is wow... Woke up day three and headed out to a few parks in AZ where most of us chilled out and I recovered from my sickness, and we all warmed up from our 25 hour drive, while Darcy decided to kill it...  Next couple of days we are going to ride around in AZ and see whats good.
- Andrew

Desson Cali Wrap Up2013-02-04
Desson got back from his trip to California last Sunday. He got hit with some un wanted rain but still made the most of his trip, here's a little wrap up update from Matt. 

"Wednesday Keith Hartwell and I took the S&M van down to San Diego for the day to ride street and a park, we ended up cruising down town which was super sick. After that we rushed back to Santa Ana so I could head to Jason Enns house to watch the Canucks game. Thursday it rained so I rode vans indoor park. Friday I hung out at the building all day Because it was raining still. Saturday I went back to long beach and pedaled around for the afternoon. The trip was a lot of fun and I can't wait to go back again next year."

1664 Stickers2013-02-03
If you've got 1664 Stickers, show us where you put them! Post your photos on the 1664 BMX Facebook Page!

Dwan in Texas2013-02-01
Jordan Dwan is down in TX chillin with some of his Fu Crew and he met up with some of the FBM guys as well. Jordan is working on a couple of different projects currently, so expect to see some new fire for his new FBM hook up soon...

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