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ODI Grips has been posting up lots of good shots of Isaac lately on Facebook. This is the most recent one.

Desson Update2013-01-25
Desson has been chillin with some homies, and gettin it in taking advantage of his cali trip. Here's a quick update on how his trips going so far. 

"On friday I got into town super late so we just chillled for the night, But on Saturday Dylan and I cruised around Santa Ana and Ate tacos. Then on sunday we went to UCI and rode a sick ledge.The last two days Ive been driving to long beach and hanging out with the locals out there. Tomorrow Keith Heartwell and I are going to cruise around and try and get some stuff filmed. so far the weather has been super nice. Its been awesome." - Matt Desson

Spotted this pic of Desson in Cali with S&M

1664 Pint Glass2013-01-21
If you're having a cold drink, why not use a 1664 BMX Pint Glass!?

Winter Get Away2013-01-17
Desson is rollin out to avoid some winter weather, and enjoy some Cali weather... Matt's headin south today for a 10 day get away to chill, and of course ride his bike. Hopefully we'll see some goods from his trip sooner than later. Stole this picture off Desson's FB, not sure who took it, but it's an up rail to whip from one of the Canadian Concrete Jams from this past year. 

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