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Dave Scott of Open Liquor sent through this photo of Schubert puttin in some work, crank grind to barspin. Spring is on the way, so get out and ride, and keep a look out for more goods from Schubert and the crew!

Rasta Pegs Now Available2014-03-07
The limited edition Rasta Easy Slider Pegs are finally here! Contact your Local Bike Shop to get yourself a pair.

Now Available - New Tees & Hoodies2014-03-03
The new 1664 Skull Tees & Hoodies are now available. Here's a shot of Isaac rockin the tee dialling in his new bike.

New Shirts & Hoodie2014-02-24
NEW 1664 Skull T-Shirt, 3/4 Length Sleeve Shirt, and Hoodie! Available next week from your Local Bike Shop.

"Andrew Schubert shot this no foot can picture of me the first time I went to ride the new Red Deer park that opened last year. Looking forward to spring to ride outside again... " - Isaac Barnes

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