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On The Mend2013-01-03
What up, been chillin pretty hard the past couple months just healing up from my wrist surgeries. I got to go home for an extra long visit with the family over the holidays, which was awesome. I'm now back in Edmonton, and have started physio so I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel... My physical therapist said she hasn't seen a wrist break to this extent before (plate in wrist, reconstructed joint, multiple pins, and torn ligament in hand) so I have a solid month of therapy every day ahead of me to get things back in line. Then it will just be up to myself to get back to full strength, and a mind game to get back to where I was before I hurt myself on the bike. It's been a little over 3 months since I hurt myself at this point, and I have at least another month to go before I can get back on the bike. So yeah thats about all I have been up to just chillin hard, and healing up so I can get back at it come spring time. Here's a couple pics from this past season I found while sorting through my computer. Shout out to Schubert, Walser, and Sam for helping push the camera button, and riding bikes, and my friends/family who have helped me out in my down time! - Isaac Barnes 

Happy Holidays!2012-12-21
We hope some of you find some 1664 Products under your tree this year. Happy Holidays!

1664 BMX Headsets in Red2012-12-18
The 1664 BMX Headset is now available in Red! This Sealed Bearing Campy Style Integrated Headset will keep your bars turning smooth and your bike looking dialed.

Welcome to the Team Darcy!2012-12-12
I've known Darcy for almost 8 years now. I have always been amazed at the difficulty, and consistent level he rides at. Being from the small town of Sundre AB, alot of people don't get Darcy... bottom line, he's a hick, with serious ADD, and he loves biking. Flips are his favorite and he doesn't care what people think. But there's more to him then that, he can seriously do any trick or line anyone asks him to do, weather its a flip combo, a double whip, or an uprail to hang five to what ever... It doesn't matter hes got it down. Mix his riding with one of the nicest, most out going, off the wall individual's I have ever met... And you have a DP. You never know whats coming next! - Andrew Schubert. Welcome to the team Darcy! 

New Stump Post Colors2012-12-05
The 1664 BMX Pivotal Stump Posts are now available in two new colors, Red and Blue!

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