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1664 DSB MIX2012-10-11
Check this new mix from some of the boys! Dwan, Schubert, and Barnes gettin it in... If you hit the 1664 Distro booth at Expo Cycle this year you probably got the chance to peep this already, but if you didn't here you go... Enjoy. 

Here is the road trip edit our dude Andrew cooked up from his RV trip that went down not too long ago. This really is what BMX is all about... Escaping your daily routine to ride, chill, have fun with your friends, and forget about any other bullshit. Riders along for the trip were Andrew Schubert, Darcy Peters, Matthew Walser, Aaron Cheng, Matt Hodgson, Josh Jean, with guest appearances from Isaac Barnes, Sam Jepson, and James Van De Kamp. 

Road to Recovery2012-09-28
Our rider Isaac Barnes broke his wrist last weekend riding. He's on a road to recovery.. Pints, Plates, and Plastic Surgery!

Schubert Layin It Down2012-09-14
Andrew was just on a RV trip with some homies from Edmonton, and Calgary. They started in Calgary, set their sights on Vancouver, and hit everything in between. They managed to score them selfs a PBR sponsor for the trip! So needless to say they had a couple drinks along the way... Andrew did double duty filming, and shredding, so look forward to an RV Trip Edit hopefully sooner than later.

Schubert layin it down in Golden B.C.
Jordan Dwan Is Losing Control2012-09-12
Dwan has been going hard this summer getting all kinds of coverage, which is well deserved might I add... Really stoked his FU5 section poped up online cause everyone needs to check this and see what he is capable of on that bike! Also if you can get your hands on a copy of the new Albion you can see a crazy photo of Dwan puttin in work for some future goods.

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