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Post Apocolympics Tooth Champion2012-09-07
Jordan Dwan took home best trick at the FBM Post Apocolympics this past weekend. Dwan layed down this crazy roller coaster toothpick that the judges were pretty into... To celebrate the victory Dwan shotgunned a cold one with the man behind FBM, Mr. Crandall. From what has popped up online it looks like everyone had a great time. Congrats on the win Jordan!  Photos jacked from

Locked in...


Embassy 5 Clipper2012-09-04
Desson gets in a nice line in this rad 5 clips from Northern Embassy with some pals shredding Tsawwassen park in BC.

Dwan vs. Apocolympics2012-08-31
Our man Dwan is hittin the road with some of his fellow BMXFU compodres to check out the FBM Post Apocolympics Jam going down this weekend. FBM jams are always crazy, so if your anywhere close to the area you should make it happen. We look forward to seeing the after math from this event!

Dwan Icepick by Eric Marshall
Smiley Status2012-08-20
Our dude Smiley has been enjoying the summer as much as possible, just like everyone else i'm sure... Here's a quick update from the man on some recent summer time trails shredding. "I had the privilege of riding the infamous Rexdale Trails the other day.   I have been going there since the nineties and every year it gets better!!   All the lines are perfect thanks to the efforts of  diggers Ben Rinne , Drifter Dave, Maverick  and a few other dedicated  Inner City Circle O.G's.  Huge thanks to those guys!!! ....Anyway, here are two photos Will Fisher took of me riding them. "

Smiley floating a 360 by Will Fisher

Smiley turndown by Will Fisher

1664 BMX Bonesaw Jam 20122012-08-11
Well another 1664 Bonesaw Jam is in the books... The course, and whole Shake The Lake event gets better every year. And everyone involved is excited to keep it all moving forward! We would just like to say thanks to all the riders, and spectators who made it out this year. The riders and fans make these events what they are. And of course we would like to give a big shout out to all the hard working people/volunteers who helped build the course, and organize the whole event! We hope everyone had a great time, and we'll see you all again next year! If you missed out this year, or just want to check some of the good times that went down you can hit, and for photos, contest results, and more.

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