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1664 Bonesaw Jam Registration Now Open!2012-06-21
We are happy to announce that registration is now open for the 1664 BMX Bonesaw Jam at Shake the Lake! Anyone who has been to Shake the Lake in the past knows this event doesn't disappoint, and admission is FREE! So keep August 11th marked off on your calendar, you wont want to miss this.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner2012-06-05
Our man Jordan Dwan teamed up with his pal Brad Hill to put together an awesome 5 Clips for the Northern Embassy's 5 Clip Etnies/Timebomb contest. Turns out everyone thought it was awesome too cause Jordan took first place. Congrats Jordan! If you haven't peeped his winning entry yet you should probably get on that... 

1664 BMX Pint Glass2012-06-01
Everyone needs a 1664 BMX Pint Glass for a cold drink after a ride.

Dwan Schubert Barnes Edmonton Chillin2012-05-30
Jordan Dwan, and Andrew Schubert were recently in Edmonton for a while hanging out, and getting in some riding. Jordan took some time off work and was heading home to BC for a visit with the family, and decided to make a stop in Edmonton for about a week before hand. Schubert isn't currently working so of course he made the trip from Cow Town to kick it. The weather kinda got in the way a bit, Schubert was sick as a dog, and we all crashed more than we wanted to, but we took advantage when the sun was shining... The week flew by but it was good chillin with some of the crew for a couple days, and it gave us all a chance to work on some riding projects. Heres some photos we got from the week hanging with friends, and riding bikes. - Isaac Barnes

Dwan passed out. First night in town after a couple drinky poos...

Dwan feeble to tuck no hander. The guys working at this place came out wondering what we were doing, we said riding bikes and asked if we could ride and they said "Yeah thats cool... Were gunna have the place more cleaned up soon as well."

Schubert gap past the rail to quick smith. 

Isaac rail feeble while Dwan hides in the tree for the go pro shot. Photo by Adam Eric

Schubert, Dwan, Adam Eric, and Colton Ponto.

Isaac gap to wall ride from the wedge on the left. Dwan on the trigger.

On to the next spot

Matt Desson 1664 Summer Trip Section2012-05-18
Here is the next section from the 1664 Summer Trip series featuring  Matt Desson,  with some sprinkled in Jeff Evans. You guys already know these dudes shred so sit back and watch them do their thing in the Edmonton, and Calgary area. This will be Jeff`s last 1664 Edit as he is moving on from the 1664 Team. We wish him well, and good luck in the future.

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