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Gleamin - Screamin2012-04-30
The Gleamin crew is at it again. There is tons of awesome riding in this one from a bunch of awesome Canadians. Jetty, and Desson both have some good stuff in here. Edit by Luke Santucci.

Isaac Cali Update2012-04-21
The trip has been going awesome, it rained the first day but has been super nice since then. I have just been hanging out with some friends, riding a bunch, and enjoying the weather. I hit up a trailer/rail jam S&M did at a bike shop the other day which was pretty fun, there should be an edit from that pretty soon. All in all the tip has been great other than bruising my heel the other day... Heres a pic Larry Alvarado got of me at a fun wall ride spot we hit up. - Isaac Barnes

Isaac wallride table by Larry Alvarado 
1664 BMX Headsets2012-04-16
The 1664 BMX Headsets are a sealed bearing campy style integrated headset that will keep your bars turning smooth and your bike looking dialed. Available in Black, White, Purple, Gold or Blue. Check out the Distro Site for more photos.

Cali Bound2012-04-13
Friday the 13th is unlucky to some, but not for me! I'm off to Cali for some chill time, and some ride time... I just got a new rig dialed in before my trip too, thank you 1664 and S&M! You can check the whip over on the 1664 Distro site. - Isaac Barnes

Isaac Lookback by Andrew Schubert
Jordan Dwan Photo2012-04-09
Spotted this shot of the homie Dwan doing his thing over on Northern Embassy. Dwan is sick.

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