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Isaac Barnes Northern Embassy Interview2012-03-25
From Megatour to 1664 and S&M, and from small town BC to Edmonton, AB, Isaac Barnes? life has seen drastic changes. The people surrounding him and the places he surrounds may change, but his mind has always remained on riding. We spoke to Isaac about harsh winters, can can landers, California, and he responded with some in-depth and personal answers. Click HERE to read the Isaac Barnes interview. - Northern Embassy

Northern Embassy Barcelona DVD Available Now2012-03-22
A little while back our dude Jetty hit the spot mecca of Barcelona to film for a project with the Northern Embassy, and a hand full of other talented Canadian riders. Well the dvd is finished and hitting finer bike shops across the country as of now. If your local shop doesn't pick some up check out The Embassy for details on how you can pick up a copy. We can't wait to see what Jiff and the boys came through with! 

Schubert On Populess2012-03-18
We would Just like to take the time to say congrats to Andrew on his recent hook up with Populess Clothing! It's good to see Andrew getting some more help, and some fresh threads, homie deserves it. 

Fisher Flic2012-03-16
Here's a picture of Will stretching at the Toronto Jam.

Desson Sequence2012-03-10
Desson sent over this sick sequence shot by Luke Santucci, that Dave Scott put together for them. Bar spin to manny to kink rail is pretty boss... I hope we get to see footage of this at some point. 

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