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Twenty Thirteen by Andrew Schubert2014-01-09
Andrew Schubert was all over the place in 2013, and worked on a handful of video projects. Check out this edit he put together of some unused clips, and some highlights. Matt Desson, Isaac Barnes, Darcy Peters, and Andrew Schubert all have some good stuff in here, along with a bunch of Andrew's friends. Check it!

Union Press Issue 42014-01-07
Darcy Peters and Jordan Dwan get some shine in the new Union Press which is now available, unfortunately this will be the final issue. So try to get your hands on a copy while they last. If you can't find one get over to the Northern Embassy to check out the digital version online.

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Isaac Barnes is Noble2013-11-22
"This edit was filmed in Edmonton, Calgary with a couple clips from a trip to Ontario/Fuville this past summer. After being out from the end of last year and through spring this year (couldn't ride for about 6 or 7 months) from a couple wrist surgeries, this is my first edit after getting well enough to shred bikes again. Took it pretty easy this year, just wanted to get my wrist good again. Got some pins and other metal in there now holding me together and seems to be good again!" - Isaac

Andrew Schubert Mini Mix2013-11-13
Schubert sent through this sick little edit made up of cell phone clips crusin some skateparks. Guest clip from Aaron Cheng, check this

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