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Schubert BC Bound2013-10-01
Andrew Schubert has been on the road most of the year, traveling around doing his thing. And he's heading back out to BC pretty quick here, so if your in the Victoria, or Vancouver area you might see Schubert soon. Here's a sick shot of Schubert cranking a turndown while he was back home in Calgary for a little bit. Photo by Shayne Saskoley.

Darcy Peters - Encore Bikes Video2013-09-26
Check out this new edit of team rider, Darcy Peters, introducing his new signature colorway from Encore Bikes.

Andrew Schubert & John Alden Interview2013-09-18
Schubert recently spent a bunch of time in Vancouver chillin and riding bikes. Northern Embassy caught up with Andrew and his friend John who he was traveling with, to see what they have been up to the past while. Hit the Embassy to see whats good with these guys.

Limited Edition Easy Slider Pegs2013-09-11
Our new Easy Slider Pegs will also be coming out in a Limited Edition Color - Rasta!

Isaac Ontario Trip - Dwan Update2013-09-10
So few days in on Isaac's vacation we were at a dollarstore pickin up some cheap drinks and noticed the wood rail from Curtis Whitaker's FU3 section. With a pair of fresh 1664 sample plastic pegs on, and with no wax the rail feebled half way peanuts. Then second go my peg slipped off and I tweaked my thumb falling, dislocated it bad, and jammed it back in. Xrays showed no broken bones, should be better in a couple weeks. Shred swords. - Jordan Dwan

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