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Isaac Ontario Trip - Dwan Update2013-09-10
So few days in on Isaac's vacation we were at a dollarstore pickin up some cheap drinks and noticed the wood rail from Curtis Whitaker's FU3 section. With a pair of fresh 1664 sample plastic pegs on, and with no wax the rail feebled half way peanuts. Then second go my peg slipped off and I tweaked my thumb falling, dislocated it bad, and jammed it back in. Xrays showed no broken bones, should be better in a couple weeks. Shred swords. - Jordan Dwan

Easy Slider Peg2013-09-09
Coming Soon! The new 1664 Easy Slider is a great new option for anyone wanting to run a PC peg without breaking the bank. The peg showcases a cleanly anodized 6061 inner core with a premium plastic, injection mold sleeve. With the sleeve being transparent, it allows the colored anodizing to be seen below and kept undamaged during grinds! In addition, the Easy Slider features three anti-roll pin positions and includes a 3/8th to 14mm peg adapter which simplifies the options and makes stocking this peg a breeze.

Isaac Ontario Trip Update 22013-09-06
On Monday most of the crew didn't have to work so a bunch of us headed to Hamilton for the day to ride street and meet up with some more homies. It turned out to be a good day, and everyone seemed to get some shit done which is always nice. After bikes we headed back to Orbs Garage, and he was kind enough to dialled in my FU Badge for me, then we just relaxed for the rest of the night. - Isaac

Follow us on Twitter2013-09-06
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Isaac Ontario Trip Update2013-09-03
I got into Toronto at 6:30am Saturday, and Andrew and Dwan made the early drive from Niagara to pick me up. Everyone was pretty tired that day from either no sleep the night before, or working then leaving to pick me up that early. We still road all day, met up with a bunch of people, then chilled at Trent's before heading out for the night. We were planning on going to the FBM Jam that day but things didn't line up, which was alright because Mike Fiz came to town as well so it was awesome to chill with him and the rest of the boys. We came back to Niagara the following night after a chill day in Toronto. Other than me sweating too much from the humidity here, the trip has been awesome so far. Here's a couple pics from the first days in Toronto. - Isaac

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